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My husband, Stacy, and I with our "kids," Jager & Morgan. Both Valley Fever Survivors.

Our two other "kids," Stella & Guinness

Where the Hearts of Humans and Pets 
Combine to Heal the Soul
(Synergy: The Power of Two Hearts is Always Greater Than One)
- Amy Huenneke

Saving One Life at a Time...

If I can make a difference in one life, whether four legged or two legged, to restore their vitality and improve overall health, I have done everything I set out to do. I know what I do will not help everyone but I would sure like the opportunity to try. Adding all-natural ingredients to our pet's food will only help, not hurt their overall health and happiness. There is no better way to bond with our pet than to provide them with optimal nutrition. Our pets typically don't outlive us, which is heartbreaking in and of itself. As their guardians, if we are able extend their life or at least make their years with us as happy as possible, we should do everything in our power to do so. I know when my pet is miserable, I am miserable too. Our hearts are forever joined with theirs.


I can remember when Jager, a bouncy, energetic, fun-loving puppy suddenly lost all that sparkle and fell ill. When I found out it was Valley Fever, I was devasted. I blamed myself. Even though Valley Fever doesn't discriminate (it is just searching for a host), I believe it is preventable. It can be lurking right outside our door. It is up to us to take care of ourselves and those dependent upon us to create a healthy environment, mentally and physically to build strength and vitality to protect us from whatever life throws our way.


 I hope to share with you the knowledge I have learned and gathered along the way. I may not know everything but I promise I know one more thing today than I did yesterday. I have been blessed with many teachers and mentors, whether it be from a book, magazine, the internet, directly and or most importantly from those willing to share their own personal experiences & knowledge. They may not know it but they have all made a difference in my life.  I like to think of it as my responsibility to "Pay it Forward."

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