Chemical Burn from OTC Flea & Tick Treatment

WARNING: This is a chemical burn from the flea & tick treatment bought from the pet store or even the vet, it may be cheaper to buy this product, but I promise you the wound treatment and after care isn't! The owner bought this product from a normal pet store, applied as the box directed to correct weight of pet. The product spreads over the oil layer of the skin, that is why its such a big area effected. As the weather starts to get warm and wet so do the fleas, ticks & mosquitos. After seeing this picture, I created an all natural flea, tick & mosquito guard using essential oils specific to repel these disease ridden insects. I also have a repellant spray and shampoo to use in conjunction with the Guard. The great thing is you can use these products on yourself too!

Kiwi popsicle

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